Your happiness is our philosophy. Are you ready for a cleaner, slimmer, more vibrant version of yourself?
Enjoy your retreat in elegance and serenity in the stunning Sparkford Hall.
Detox your body and mind with one of the most exclusive detox programs in the UK.

Sanctuary Somerset and our Equilibrium Detox Program

The Sanctuary has guided thousands of fasters from around the world for more than 20 years through a cleansing process of body and mind on the beautiful tropical island Koh Phangnan in Thailand.

This experience now brought to the heart of England, providing you with one of the most exclusive detox programs in the UK set in the stunning venue of Sparkford Hall - a place of absolute elegance and serenity, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Somerset. You will feel the cleansing process begin as soon as you step into this Georgian gem built in 1830.

detox teaThis is a wonderful opportunity to have a full retreat without long distance flights, jet lag and high costs of traveling all the way to Asia. This effective and life-changing detox, that so many people worldwide have experienced, is now available here in the UK at the highest standards expected of a European retreat.

Individual attention is guaranteed in our small groups and the homely and warm atmosphere with all the privacy you need will make your stay an unforgettable treat to yourself. You'll lose unwanted kilos, calm your mind and feel reborn after just one week, full of motivation and vitality. This is where the magic begins...  

  • Thanks to everyone for a great week, felt great after the fast. Very calm and relaxed.–Louise

  • The staff are magnificent! Such a loving, caring vibe! It was a wonderful experience! I feel much lighter and brighter after the fast. Highly recommeneded to anyone in need of a pause for mind and body. Thank you very very much (all of you) for your energy, dedicated input and for going above and beyond to offer us a supported environment! Hope to be back.–Susanna

  • Thanks again for a wonderful week and by far the best yoga of my life. A week of fasting, colonics and your yoga has helped me more than 6 years of visits to my GP, taking laxatives and generally having a miserable digestive health. If I had known the impact it could have I would have come years ago.–Emma G

  • After fast I feel light, rested, relaxed, and could stay longer. Overall I feel excellent and focused. Thank you all and I wish you every success. –Micheal

Detox Dates 2014

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